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Baking Science and Technology

This world-renowned course is the cornerstone of AIB's educational programs. In less than six months, you can become a professional baking technologist. The course is divided into four major areas:

  • Baking Science
  • Production Management
  • Bread and Roll Production
  • Cake and Sweet Goods Production

If you work in the baking industry and your employer pays for you to attend the Baking Science and Technology course, you are a "company-sponsored" student. Company-sponsored students may choose to omit Cake and Sweet Goods Production. By doing this, you will finish in 14 weeks with a narrower focus. If you are not yet employed in the baking industry, you are a "self-sponsored" student. Self-sponsored students are required to take the complete course, which lasts 20 weeks. Self-sponsored students are eligible for scholarships and financial aid.

Style of Instruction: You will learn by being immersed in baking technology. Each day, four hours of work in the classroom are followed by four hours of work in the labs. To maintain a high grade point average, students devote an average of four hours nightly to study. Products are produced, evaluated, and changed as needed. Students are assigned projects to develop the skills of product formulation, production management, sales, and quality assurance.

Who should attend? Any individual who wants to be a leader in the baking industry.

When is it offered? To find out when this course is held and tuition information, click here.

How can the course be financed? Scholarships and student loans are available for self-sponsored students. AIB's School of Baking in nationally accredited through the North Central Association of Schools.

Placement assistance is provided: Self-sponsored students are provided training on resume-writing and interviewing skills. Each self-sponsored student is offered the opportunity to participate in videotaped interview with the Vice President of Education.

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